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7 Tips to Go From Mediocrity to Magnificent

7 Tips to Go From Mediocrity to Magnificent

Here are a few thoughts on going from Mediocrity to Magnificent.

1) Begins With a Significant Emotional Experience

Jim Rohn called it the day that turns your life around! Btw, I will be quoting a lot of Jim Rohn (my 18 year biz partner) in this. It usually is birthed in pain or being fed up and you decide today is the day I will make the changes necessary.

13418993_1031378973583049_1165175694360865574_nWhen you make the decision that mediocrity is no longer an option in a particular area of your life, that is when things get set into motion and changes start to happen. On our radio show, Doug Firebaugh points out that his mentor Dr. Criswell would say “Mediocrity will always be there until it is not acceptable in your life. Once you have made that decision, life will create a CLEAR PATH for you. You can tolerate or elevate. Both cannot live in the same space.”

 I love…Once you decide, life will create a clear path for you! So true!

2) You Have to Move Past What Other People Think

Living our life based on how people will judge us is one of the biggest pitfalls that keeps us from finding and embracing who we are and the greatness we have inside of us. Equal to worrying about what other people think, is doing things for peoples acceptance or approval. To embrace your greatness you have to let go of outside opinions and get clear on what you want and why you want it. Otherwise you will find yourself compromising and playing small.

3) Desiring Comfort and Leisure vs Paying the Price

So much of the marketing copy out there on being an entrepreneur talks about retiring and having the easy, good life. You will never hear that from me. First, its not true. Being an entrepreneur, small business owner or a leader on any level is ultimately about serving, growing and being your best.

We’ve been sold a lie about retirement and ease. Yes, you want to create a GREAT life and lifestyle for yourself and family and Inner Circle. It’s also about freedom to make your own choices. But its not about easy or comfortable or leisure.

Look at pro athletes or olympians or anyone playing at a high level and you will see dedication to hard, hard work – not leisure.

Jim Rohn said it’s all about your philosophy. And if you are looking for easy or leisure you will never achieve greatness. You will see every challenge as a problem verses as an opportunity to grow and get better.

4) Learning vs Entertainment

To excel in anything in life you have to be on a learning curve. As Jim would paraphrase the bible, If you search you will find, but rarely does a good idea interrupt you. You have to be proactive to find good ideas. One of the best ways to take your life to the next level in any area is to replace the tv, the news, drive time radio and time spent with the wrong people… with learning! Say YES to books, seminars and people who are playing all out in life.

5) Letting Go of Your Excuses

To take your life to the next level you have to be willing to let go of your disempowering story that is filled with excuses Your parents, your spouse, your boss, your body, your friends, the government etc etc etc.. The difference between you reading a book a month (or week) OR not, is YOU! Or eating a doughnut or an apple (as Jim Rohn would say) is YOU!

We all have our legitimate excuses and they are very real. But the reality is only you can decide if you are willing to overcome them or not. Two siblings, same alcoholic parent (or whatever the circumstance are), and one says I will not ever go down that path and the other follows in the same footsteps. The power of choice. At the end of the day, we have our list and we have to decide what we want more. Our limitations (excuses) or the results.

6) Wanting the Result More Than the Short Term Pleasure

Jim Rohn called it reasons! When your reasons or your why is clear it is so much easier to pay the price. Reasons can be financial/material (house, boat, car, seasons tickets, vacations, etc), they can be family (kids education, quality of life, safety), they can be philanthropic (helping others, giving) and maybe the most important reason – what you become!! Become a millionaire for what it will make of you. Having powerful reasons can be some of the best anchors to making real changes in your habits and life.

7) A Seat at The Table

One of the most powerful reasons for me all these years has been to be my best so I could have a seat at the table. Become a top event promotor so I could promote Jim Rohn, Og Mandino, Brian Tracy etc. Build the 1 million plus email list so I could market all the people’s programs that changed my life. Get massive results so I could spend more time with Jim Rohn, Darren Hardy, Denis Waitley, etc.

Go for greatness and for the doors it will open and the relationships it will help forge.

Many of you know I do Inner Circle masterminds and just the past year alone we had special guests like Mark Victor Hansen and Phil Collen pop in and spend the day with us. Or even having Darren Hardy, Brian Tracy and Vic Johnson spend special time with my Inner Circle members at our recent Brian Tracy 3 Day Event that I put on. That type of influence, that I can then share with my kids and Inner Circle and Lessons From Members drives me out of my comfort zone almost daily. I want these powerhouse influences to answer my call and say yes when I make a request. So that is one of the reasons that has driven me for 20 plus years to get up early, stay up late, cut the tv off and read the books, etc.

You have to find your reasons that impact you the most. We all are different.

And realize often it is 3 steps forward and 2 back and sometimes even 2 forward and 5 back. Life happens. The key is just don’t quit. Keep your eye on the prize of being your best self, having influence and making a difference.

And remember when it scares you, makes your nervous, that is almost always the time to step out of your comfort zone and embrace the challenge! This is when your inner superhero comes out. The best you gets a chance to show up. I believe that!

Lastly, in case you haven’t received yet, I have 2 awesome gifts to help aid you in becoming your best self!

First is the recap notes from the Brian Tracy 3-Day Weekend Event with special guest Darren Hardy, Vic Johnson and more that I recently put on. The feedback for this event was a 10+. Make sure and grab the key notes. Go to to access immediately.

Also I want to give you my 52 Lessons I Learned from Jim Rohn and Other Legends I Promoted e-book that is loaded with sage lessons and advice from Jim Rohn, Brian Tracy, John Maxwell and more. Click here

Too your better future!

Kyle Wilson

Founder, Jim Rohn International (, and

Connect with Kyle via social media, plus free bonuses including 52 Lessons I Learned From Jim Rohn and Other Legends I Promoted

Wisdom from Ivan Misner

Wisdom from Ivan Misner


You are probably familiar with Ivan Misner, founder and chairman of BNI, the world’s largest business networking organization.

11412399_10203083324838975_8414028624777100404_nI had the great honor of having an extended lunch with Ivan and Beth Misner this past Saturday. We are working a project together (will be announcing in the fall) and our schedules happened to intersect for a meeting at his place in Austin (recent transplants from LA).

Last year alone, BNI generated 6.6 million referrals resulting in over $8.6 billion U.S. dollars’ worth of business for its 150,000+ members.

Just like so many uber successful entrepreneurs, I find Ivan and Beth to be amazingly generous with both their time and knowledge.

Ivan believes networking is part of the process to build a referral-base and to be successful with business networking, one should understand that it is really about helping others. The people you help are more willing to help you or connect you to people they know. No matter, whether you are an introvert or an extrovert, you can be successful at networking.

Ivan is also a big believer in having a positive attitude and approach to life and business. In fact as much time, if not more was spent taking about the purpose and mission of their foundation to help with education at a grass roots level. As well as the importance of what we feed our minds and bodies.

Ivan does warn to be careful of who you let into your world. How about if every person you ever let in, you had to keep in your life forever…would that cause you to be more discerning? Guard your inner circle, both business and personal, he and Beth suggest!

Bottom line is this, Your network is your net worth. Continue to surround yourself, engage, give and grow with people that you want to learn and grow with.

To Your Success!

Kyle Wilson

PS – If you haven’t made a recent Mastermind you are missing out on some amazing connections (Mark Victor Hansen, Chris Widener, Kim Somers Egelsee, Ron White, Larry Thompson and more). Come join us for the next event hosted at my house. See ya soon. Click Here for details.

PSS – Ivan and Beth have numerous books on the topics of Networking, Growing Your Business and also health and spiritual (based on the successes and lessons they have learned).

Powerful half day with Darren Hardy!

Powerful half day with Darren Hardy!

10421547_758209487566667_7870013661901810453_nReally excited to invite you to attend a special half-day event with my good friends Howard Partridge and Darren Hardy.

Howard, our Lessons From Network Small Business Owners Expert, has invited me to be a part of his 3-Day 2015 February SUCCESS Conference. And now he has opened up Day 3, with him and Darren Hardy, to the public!

Jump on this quick, the available seats will go fast. And yes, this is a very special price Howard is extending to the KWI and Lessons From Network community!

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Day 3 is just Howard and Darren speaking (I’m on Day 2), but I will be there and look forward to meeting and connecting with you.

Darren Live

Also a few weeks later I will be Darren’s guest at his Entrepreneur Roller Coaster Event in Orange County, CA. So I thought, why not have a Southern California Mastermind meeting while I’m there?

Learn more details on joining me So Cal Mastermind

Look forward to seeing you on the road!


Interview, Mastermind, 2015 Plan

Interview, Mastermind, 2015 Plan

10917068_781840878536861_9091529400761647602_nGood morning! Hope you’ve had an incredible and blessed Christmas season!


Adaptive resilience is the capacity to remain productive and true to core purpose and identity while absorbing disturbance and adapting with integrity in response to changing circumstances.

That is a quote from my friend AM Williams. AM is a remarkable man with an amazing story.

Recently I was interviewed by AM Williams and I was so impressed that I returned the favor and had him as a guest on the December LFN Expert call.

You can access AM’s interview of me where we discuss purpose, passion and greatness. I also share on my humble beginnings of launching Jim Rohn International in 1993 and some very behind the scenes stories about Jim and I. My interview of AM to follow next week – his story and lessons are very powerful!

Access Interview


Upcoming dates and locations include Dallas with Larry Thompson (in case you missed it here is a link to recent interview I had with Larry) and Los Angeles with Kim Somers Egelsee.

The feedback and testimonials were over the top at our last 2 Mastermind dates.

It was an awesome day! Kyle Wilson and Kim Somers Egelsee are such experts and love to teach. You can’t help but learn. Also the shared group knowledge and synergy was amazing. I feel so blessed to have been part of this wonderful day. Kyle I believe that your mastermind event is a “must attend” and entrepreneurs need the gifts that you and Kim have.” – Reuben Salazar

Not only did we have an amazing time… what I walked away with was worth thousands of dollars. Master minds are great… but this one was over the top with walk always for creating possibilities.” – Claudia Cooley

“SO much knowledge & insight gained! What a Blessing to have been part of such an Amazing Group — Inspirational, Gifted, Authentic, Talented, Stylish, Beautiful Souls making a Positive Difference in the lives of people.” – Stephanie Laurent

I’m still reeling from the collective wisdom, energy and power of these geniuses! Hungry for more and ecstatically watching to see how we all crush it in 2015!” – Kimberly Dianne Cantergiani

Amazing energy, creativity and knowledge. As I said, if “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time around”, my average went WAY up yesterday and building lifelong friendships along the way. Very humbled and blessed to be a part of it!” – Butch Bellah

Don’t delay sign-up today – limited to 16 people. Click Here

One-On-One Coaching 2015

I have 2 spots available for one-on-one coaching 2015.

On my website I list all the potential areas we can cover including Marketing Strategies to build your Brand (List Building, Social Media, Branding, Sponserships and more), as well as the very core strategies I used to build Jim Rohn Int in 1993 and in 1997 and now the Lessons From Network. In 1993 Jim was getting 4k to speak and doing 20-30 dates and within a year we had 110 dates at 10k each. As the internet came, I then started creating multiple list that we later built to over 1 million subscribers plus creating over 300 IP (books, cds, dvds and products), all before I sold the companies in late 2007 (then a 5 year non-compete). I used some very core strategies that 100% apply today as they did then.

In fact Darren Hardy and Robin Sharma are current examples of people I have worked with since that have had massive success in todays environment.

I’m Ready For One-On-One Coaching!

Let’s Make 2015 Your Best Year Ever!!

Kyle Wilson

Founder Jim Rohn Int,, and

PS – To learn more about the Lessons From Network, an Amazing Community Connecting Talent with the Marketplace Click Here and Get Started Today!

Kyle, thank you for our partnership and friendship. Friendship is wealth and you make me a rich man. You are the best!” Jim Rohn

I guard my endorsements carefully. Regarding Kyle, he is simply a marketing genius! No joke. Kyle was the wizard behind the successful business of my mentor Jim Rohn. Every marketing dilemma I have ever had Kyle has given me the brilliant and elegant solution on the spot. Kyle’s consulting has saved and earned me hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years.” Darren Hardy, Publisher SUCCESS Magazine

Kyle is a valued friend, a marketing superstar and one of the most knowledgeable people in the personal development industry.” Robin Sharma

I have worked closely with Kyle Wilson for 20 years. He is one of the best all-around marketers, promoters, business-builders and entrepreneurs in the business today. We have generated more than a million dollars together.” Brian Tracy быстрый займ онлайн на киви кошелек

A.M. Williams Interview with Kyle Wilson

A.M. Williams Interview with Kyle Wilson

In this powerful interview A.M. and Kyle discuss a wide variety of topics that will help you “Discover Your Greatness“!

Access Here!

Coach A.M. Williams empowers individuals and organizations to live life by design; transform their minds; and develop their leadership ability. His message of access inspires them to overcome the challenges that paralyze potential through the power of adaptive resilience. His motivational messages inspire and challenges individuals and organizations to discover their greatness, and fulfill their true potential.

Kyle Wilson is the founder of Jim Rohn Int’l, and was Jim’s friend and 18-year business partner. He has promoted and worked with Jim Rohn, Brian Tracy, Zig Ziglar, John Maxwell, Mark Victor Hansen, Og Mandino, Les Brown and many more world-class thought leaders, experts, and coaches over the last 20 years. Kyle is also the founder of the a unique project where Kyle is collaborating with some of the world’s great experts across multiple platforms. Lessons From Experts has over 1200 domains on various Lessons From topics including Selling, Sports, Music, Social Media, Real Estate etc (i.e., LessonsFromLeadership, etc.)

Speed Bumps Keep Out the Tourist

Speed Bumps Keep Out the Tourist

speed bump signSpeed Bumps Keep Out the Tourist

Yes, it’s true. Whether it’s fitness, money management, career, relationships etc, challenges, obstacles and even failures often cause us to take a u-turn and head the opposite direction, or at least make an abrupt stop.

But in reality, obstacles, challenges and mistakes can serve as fuel to help us reach our goals and go further and higher than ever envisioned.

Here are just a few of the reasons why:

– They challenge your commitment and serve as a mirror to how serious you really are. If you are only 80% committed and things are good, then no worries, but when the winds of life blow, that is when you truly find out where your passion and commitment are.

– They show us areas we need to improve. Sports for me is a great example for us all to see the truth. It’s easy to watch a game and call out the players and coaches for all their mistakes. Yet, in our own lives we often are far less perfect, prepared or disciplined. Also, in competitive sports you often get punished for your glaring weaknesses. Yet that is not always as tangibly recognized in our own everyday lives. So if you are really paying attention, you will see how challenges and setbacks can help you spot areas that you can improve and grow in.

– They help us learn. At the 2004 Jim Rohn three-day event I hosted, one of the speakers was Vic Johnson. Vic shared that the very mistakes and failures he had experienced 10 years earlier were the very things that now make him six and seven figures. He used those mistakes and failures to learn and grow. Your failures and mistakes can be the best teachers that will yield amazing results.

– They give us wisdom so we can help and serve others. Every lesson and circumstance you have encountered give you greater empathy and understanding for others who may be going through those same challenges. How powerful to be able to provide the gift of listening, understanding and perspective to others during tough times.

– They give us contrast so we can appreciate all the positives in our lives. Without sadness or sickness or cloudy days we would absolutely not be able to appreciate all the happiness, health and sunshine there is. Gratitude plays a big role in being able to grow and have more!

Speed bumps do give us pause and reason to slow down and observe, but should not be stop signs. But rather a great perspective that the path you are on is intended to make you Great and Achieve Your Life Purpose.

To your success,

Kyle Wilson
Founder, Jim Rohn International ( and YourSuccessStore. Co-Author of Chicken Soup for the Entrepreneur’s Soul and 52 Lessons I Learned From Jim Rohn and Other Legends I Promoted.

Stay connected with Kyle through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram. Plus access bonuses interviews and downloads – Click Here

Step 5: Keep Learning! As you progress as a translator / interpreter, there are other areas to consider as well. What specialized industry or industries can you translate or interpret for? Do you site link

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How Bad Do You Want It?

How Bad Do You Want It?

How Bad Do You Want It?

Frustrations and obstacles are part of life. They can comjim rohne in the form of people, events, challenges as well as circumstances outside our control. Opportunities to learn, to grow, to change and create better results. When you have frustrations and obstacles, sometimes you need to focus past the frustration. Have a micro-focus, where you see only the goal, you see the end result, you see the prize, not the obstacle, not the frustration.

Othertimes you must realize it’s not what your doing, it’s what you are missing! Are you really seeing all the possibilities, all the opportunities?

Sometimes you have to ask “How Bad do I Want It?”

When confronted with things you can’t change, here is the ultimate take away, Your In Control. You’re in control of how you react, your in control of how you handle the situation, your in contol of how you feel.

Sometimes it’s a wrestling match between the frustrations and challenges you may have and how you respond to them. As Jim Rohn, my mentor would say “You can’t control the government, you can’t control the economy, you can’t control your neighbors, all you can control is you.”

It’s not what’s outside that’s going on, it’s whats inside and how you handle it. It’s saying “I’m not going to let this frustration,

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this circumstance conquer me. I’m going to use these challenges and circumstances as stepping stones to become who I’m

supposed to become, to accomplish what I’m supposed to accomplish. I will draw the line in the sand and do whatever it takes.”

Sometimes you have to ask “How Bad do I Want It?”

Taken from Kyle Wilson’s audio “How Bad do I Want It?” from the Driving Ambition Collaberation Click here for more

To your success,

Kyle Wilson

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When Life Gets Difficult Start Mopping

When Life Gets Difficult Start Mopping

When Life Gets Difficult Start Mopping

When Life Gets Difficult Start Mopping

Part of what Jim Rohn taught me was to always be a student. Whether at a seminar, in church, at lunch with a friend, reading a book, even listening to lyrics of a song – look for the lessons that are worthy of your attention. Be a constant student.

I have found that to be true. The majority of highly successful people I’ve encountered were all learners and students. They always want to find ways to improve their skills, philosophy and thinking.

Every one of my top 10 favorite movies has a message that really resonates within me. One of the movies is Bruce Almighty. So many great story lines of, “be the change”, “being a good steward over the gifts and responsibilities you have” and “be careful what you wish for”… but one of my favorite parts of the movie is towards the end. It’s when the cause and effect of all of Bruce’s actions finally catch up with him and chaos takes over in the city. Bruce goes to see God (Morgan Freeman) and tells him ever so humbly how he has failed and now understands better the true challenges that are going on for himself and everyone else around him. Then God simply hands him a mop and says “start mopping”. How in the world would mopping the floor change anything? It might not change the world, but it changes you.

When you have circumstances beyond your control or when all you have going for you in a particular circumstance is to wait it out, get mopping. Don’t just sit around and fret/worry. Do what’s in front of you. Do what you can do. Don’t try to change the world, just get mopping (take the trash out, clear your desk, mow the yard, etc).

As Jim would say, I don’t know why it works, it just works! God is a genius!

And while you’re mopping… do say a prayer, do release the weight of the world, do let go of what you can’t control, but also get busy on your mental “to do” list and keep moving forward in the direction of what you can control.

To Your Better Future,

Kyle Wilson

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Kyle Wilson is the founder of, Jim Rohn International ( and YourSuccessStore, he also is the co-author of Chicken Soup for the Entrepreneur’s Soul. To become part of the Lessons From Network click here!

Succeeding is Easier Than Making Excuses

Succeeding is Easier Than Making Excuses

Copy of DSC_0966

Succeeding is Easier Than Making Excuses

One of the early light bulbs that went off for me after meeting my mentor, Jim Rohn, was when he shared this powerful statement with me:

Succeeding is easier than making excuses or apologies!

Jim’s point hit me directly between the eyes. I quickly did an inventory and reviewed all my internal dialogs I had going on at the time like:

  • worrying about how much time and energy I would invest in a project and then after all the hard work and effort is invested the possibilities it might not work
  • looking at how much effort and work I was investing while others seemed to have much more free (and fun) time
  • weighing the price I was paying to achieve my goals – was it really worth it?
  • noticing all the knowledge and skills I lacked and would it be possible to learn and grow?
  • needing to build a team yet knowing I’m an entrepreneur, NOT a manager
  • etc, etc, etc.

That’s a lot of energy and time invested in asking myself if and why my goals were even worth achieving or even possible to reach.

Then the pearl of wisdom from Jim helped me realize, I really did want to achieve financial independence versus struggling to pay my bills. I wanted to live where I wanted to live, drive what I wanted to drive, go where I wanted to go. Plus marriage and raising a family is challenging enough, why add money problems to the equation?

And when it came right down to it, I really did not want to have to explain why I couldn’t do any of the above, much less apologize. Right then and there I decided to take Jim’s advice and simply go for it. To commit to the process, invest the faith and effort in going for what I wanted to achieve and to not look back. We’ve all heard it said and it is SO true, time is going to pass anyway whether you’re pursuing your dreams or just getting by.

Did it come overnight? No. Was it easy? No.

But neither is always struggling to get by. They both have their cost.

Now I know many people called to do much, much more worthy and life-changing things than I’ve ever attempted to do who are not compensated in such a way that financial independence would seem like a reasonable goal. But are they successful? Clearly, YES!!

The beauty is you choose your definition of success.

And remember that achieving your goals will be easier than having to rattle off all the excuses and apologies of not going for them at all.

Thanks Jim, one more time!

To Your Better Future,

Kyle Wilson

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Kyle Wilson is the founder of, Jim Rohn International ( and YourSuccessStore, he also is the co-author of Chicken Soup for the Entrepreneur’s Soul. To learn more about the Lessons From Network click here!

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Darren’s Genius Question

Darren’s Genius Question

Darren HardyDarren’s Genius Question

Starting today, what 3 things would have to happen to make this the best 12 months of your life?
Wow, what an amazing question!
I have to admit I did not totally get the subtle genius behind this simple question. Maybe in part because the casualness and the familiarity of how and who delivered it.
This happened last February while having dinner with my long-time, good friend Darren Hardy (publisher of SUCCESS Magazine). I met Darren in 1994 and we have found ways to work and collaborate together many times over the years. I also introduced Darren to one of his major mentors, my 18-year friend, mentor and partner, Jim Rohn.
But much more than working and collaborating together, we are great friends and pretty much go there on any subject. So when he asked me this simple, direct question, I have to admit I was a bit stuck.
My best year ever? What 3 things? Then he said, once you know what they are list out what you have to do and/or become to make each one happen (the activities, habits, skills, beliefs, disciplines, etc.).
I know goals, I’ve done goals and, of course, Jim Rohn was the master at teaching goal setting, but this nuance of simplicity mixed with focus and intention forced me to get even more clear.
We moved on from the question to the next topic. But the question stayed with me for a least a month and then one morning I woke up and it was

right there – front and center. What are the 3 things? And what must I do and become to achieve them? I must have journaled at least an hour as I filtered through all the scenarios.

In the fall, my wife and I were invited by Darren
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to attend his High Performance Summit event in Miami. It was outstanding. I came back full of new insights and ideas. Darren and Georgia were amazing hosts!

And as I write this today, I can tell you since Darren’s question back last February I have witnessed a dramatic shift and results related to that one simple question and my 3 goals. I truly believe these next 12 months will make this my best year ever.
My encouragement to you today is to ask yourself and then answer:
What 3 things would have to happen over the next year to have my best year ever?
Next, what habits, skills, disciplines, relationships and/or activities must I engage in to ensure I’m walking towards these 3 things being a reality?
Get your journal out. Give yourself some time to dig deep. And once you have gotten really clear on your 3 areas and the needed steps, then make sure and review often.
To Your Better Future,
Kyle Wilson
Connect with Kyle and Cool Bonuses – Stay connected with Kyle through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more and receive valuable tips, tools and strategies daily! Also access bonuses interviews and downloads. Visit our “Connect with Kyle” page to start receiving today!
Kyle Wilson is the founder of, Jim Rohn International ( and YourSuccessStore, he also is the co-author of Chicken Soup for the Entrepreneur’s Soul and 52 Lessons I Learned From Jim Rohn and Other Legends I Promoted. To learn more about the Lessons From Network click here!

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