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Brian Tracy Event Recap Notes Part 1

Brian Tracy Event Recap Notes Part 1

Welcome to the Brian Tracy 3 Day Weekend Event Recap Notes Part 1!

This powerful 3 day event was extra special for me, not for the least of reasons, it was the 20 year anniversary of the Success Mastery Academy. A 2 day event Brian Tracy and I co-created in 1996 and did all over the country.

13266131_1021980874522859_3715467469337171240_nAlso I was able to invite some really special long time friends including Darren Hardy, Ron White, Vic Johnson to speak and be a part of the event, along with many amazing Lessons From Network Contributors and Kyle Wilson Inner Circle Members, who are world class in their industries (sports, music, entertainment, marketing, writing, leadership, etc) to share their ideas and stories.

Having almost every speaker stick around for the entire 3 days and connect with all the attendees was extremely rare indeed.

I’m going to break this recap into 3 parts (and maybe more as I keep receiving Golden nuggets from so many attendees). In fact, the response in the post event comments were some of the best I’ve ever received from any event that I’ve promoted, including so many powerful Jim Rohn 2 and 3 day events I put on over the years.

In addition to the highlights from all of our speakers, I will also include some insights from the event promotion side. There is a lot that goes into putting on and marketing an event like this. So I hope to share some things you will find to be of value.

By the way, the majority of ideas are coming directly from attendees sharing their insights with me in our private event Facebook Group as well as a discussion at my recent Inner Circle meetings (the majority of which attended the event).

Here we go. Again, just a small sampling of key ideas shared over the 3 days by Brian Tracy, Darren Hardy and more.

Brian Tracy

– Write down your top 10 goals EVERY NIGHT! This act alone will help your subconscience mind look for solutions and attract the desired goals. Rewriting is a discipline that pays major dividends.

– When you wake up each morning ask, “What is my greatest challenge?”… then turn that into an Empowering Question. If it is.. “I need to recruit more people”… change it to … “How do I recruit more people?”… “I need better associations”…change to …”How do I get around better associations”?

– When you ask a question related to solving a challenge… write down 20 potential solutions. The first 5 or 10 are probably obvious to you. But it is the last 10 and especially the last 3-5 that force you to think outside the box and get creative. Often times that is where many of our best ideas come from.

– The future belongs to the askers. You need to ask, if you want to receive and achieve in life. Ask politely, ask curiously and ask repeatedly.

– Failure requires no effort, if you don’t decide to be excellent, by default you become mediocre.

– Zero based thinking: ask yourself this powerful question. “If I knew then what I know now would I still do it?” Knowing what I now know .. would you still do it is a powerful question. And then based on the answer, take action.

– Ingrain in your kids your belief that they are good and full of amazing potential and they will impact the world in a great way! Tell your kids “You’re the best!” “You’re going to be the best success ever!!” “You are amazing!” “You are doing amazing things!”

– By studying up to 2 hours per day, 5 days a week you can be a master of any skill!

more Brian Tracy in Pt 2

Darren Hardy

– Of all of the 50 things that a realtor (for example) needs to do, pick the top 3 that you need to do on a regular and consistent basis and focus the majority of your time on that.

– What is your give up list? Most people keep adding to their list instead of thinning it down.

– Focus for 90 minute chunks of undivided time on the One Thing to get more accomplished. Turn off all alerts and shut off the phone during this time.

– Since age 21 Darren has taken 10% of his income and invested it in his own self-development.

more Darren Hardy in Pt 2

Erika De La Cruz

– 90% of the people feel on some level they are a fraud. They fear being found out. We all struggle with this. It is what keeps so many from truly stepping up and sharing their message with the world.

– Assume your throne! It is time to claim what you have accomplished and tell your story. No more downplaying or hiding from your successes.

more Erika in Pt 2

Vic Johnson

– If you want to have celebrity authority you must BUILD AN AUDIENCE! Ultimately its about traffic, prospects, customers and then fans.

– Having a book is one of the best ways to leverage your story, brand and celebrity authority.

more Vic in Pt 2

Again, so much more to share from Brian, Darren, Erika, Vic and also Ron White, Tom Ziglar, Delatorro McNeil, Kim Somers Egelsee, Donna Krech, and many more!! A lot of talent and so many key ideas were shared, including a special tribute (by Larry Thompson and myself) to my mentor and 18 year business partner, Jim Rohn. I will be sharing more key ideas on all in part 2 (look for it in a few days).

Also I will be adding some videos along the way.

Of course, nothing replaces being at the event, with the people. Its an experience and lives are changed. But I do hope these notes are helpful for you!

Talk soon!


PS – I want to invite you to ask questions that come up and I will potentially include in a future email with an answer. Also, if you attended the event please share some key insights you received as well. Simply reply to this email or email

Kyle Wilson

Founder, Jim Rohn International (, and

Connect with Kyle via social media, plus free bonuses including 52 Lessons I Learned From Jim Rohn and Other Legends I Promoted
Join Brian Tracy, Darren Hardy live for 3 Days

Join Brian Tracy, Darren Hardy live for 3 Days

I’m honored to Announce and be Promoting/Producing the Brian Tracy’s 3-Day Weekend Event – 20 Year Anniversary of the Success Mastery Academy!

BT 3-day weekend banner 3 (2)This life-changing event Only Happen Once! Early-Bird Pricing, Seating and Bonus Offer ends this week!

The Line Up includes the Iconic Brian Tracy Plus Special Guest Thought Leaders From Business, Personal Development, Marketing, Sports, Entertainment, Military, Direct Sales, Fitness and more!

Brian Tracy – Topics Include: Qualities of Master Achievers, Managing Yourself & Others for Peak Performance, How to Make Quantum Leaps in Your Sales & Business Career, Maximum Selling Strategies, Positioning, Perception & Self–Image in Selling, Persuasion, Negotiation & Influence Skills, Success & Self– Motivation, The Magic of Self Direction, How to Set and Achieve Goals, Achieving Financial Independence, Twenty One Traits of Self–Made Millionaires, Achieving Success in Family and Business, Leadership, The Critical Difference & Communication; Master Skills to Powerful Relationships

Darren Hardy – NY Times Best-Selling Author & Publisher of Success Magazine

Topic: Productivity Secrets of Super Achievers

Vic Johnson – Master Marketer, Speaker, Author & Entrepreneur

Topic: All Booked Up, Fill Your Funnel With Hungry Prospects

Delatorro McNeal – Youngest NSA CSP Professional & Million Dollar Roundtable Main Stage Presenter

Topic: Crush The Stage – Explode Your Income, Impact & Influence

Ron White – 2 Time U.S. Memory Champion, Founder of Black Belt Memory

Topic: How to Memorize Anything (Names, Faces, Presentations, Test, Notes)

Plus special presentations by:

Erika De La Cruz –  TV, Runway & Radio Host, Passionista & Millennial Speaker

Nick Bradley – PGA Tour Mentor, Ryder Cup Strategist

Seth Mosley – Billboards #1 Nashville Producer, #3 Songwriter, Grammy Winner

Tim Cole – 31 Year Colonel US Marine Corps, Managing Director for FEMA, Leadership Development

Jeanette Ortega – Owner of Extreme Results Fitness, Nat Ranked Fitness Competitor & Celeb Trainer

Roy Smoothe – Branding Expert, Entrepreneur, Fashion Designer, Smoothe Mixx Audio Producer & Publisher

Tom Ziglar – Speaker, Author and CEO of Zig Ziglar Corp

Kim Somers Egelsee – Confidence Expert, Speaker, Author & Coach

Larry Thompson – MLM Legend & Co-Founder of Herbalife

Kyle Wilson – Marketing/Strategist, Entrepreneur, Founder Jim Rohn Intl & Lessons From Network

Howard Partridge – Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker and Funder of Phenomenal Life Products

Robert Helms – Real Estate Developer, #1 Real Estate Pod Cast

Seats are going FAST!!

This Event Will ONLY Happen ONCE – It’s the 20-Year Anniversary of the Success Mastery Academy rolled into a powerful 3-Day Weekend!

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The number one thing people have shared with me over the past few years is that they regret never seeing Jim Rohn (my18 year Business partner) live. Knowing they had opportunities, yet they waited.

So please don’t regret missing this Event, it will likely, never come again (well, at least not for another 20 years.) And the line-up of Brian Tracy, Darren Hardy and many other powerful thought leaders make this an event you cannot miss!

Bring your spouse, your teen, your team members and come be a part of history!

The atmosphere will be electric, the learning over the top, the connections Priceless and the insights, strategies and transformation like no other event you have witnessed.

Again, space is limited! So jump in now and reserve your seats for early bird pricing and seating!

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Can’t wait to see you! This event is will be transformational and we will never be the same!

To Your Success,

Kyle Wilson

Founder, Jim Rohn International (, and

PS – Brian and Featured Guest will be covering 2016 Relevant topics including Marketing, Selling, Building You Brand, Peak Achievement, Productivity, Peak Performance, Crush the Speaking Stage, Results in 2016 and More!!

Join Us for the Event of the Year

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Lessons From Tommy Shaw, Jon Foreman and more!

Lessons From Tommy Shaw, Jon Foreman and more!


Having just come off of 2 Incredible Mastermind events in LA and 3 Masterminds/Inner Circle events in Dallas with so many amazing people, I thought how could it get any better than that?

NashvillleThen Nashville happened!

It started when my friend and Dallas Inner Circle Mastermind member Seth Mosley (Billboards #1 producer & #3 songwriter in Nashville) invited me to come out to Nashville to meet Jon Foreman (Lead singer of Switchfoot) and for Seth and I to lead a private Mastermind for all his Nashville peeps!

Below are 7 Powerful Lessons & Aha’s from the trip:

Lesson 1 – It’s All About True Connection

My trip got off to a great start when seated next to me was none other than Tommy Shaw of the rock group STYX. Well, as good fortune would have it, STYX is on tour with Def Leppard and the lead guitarist of DL is my good friend Phil Collen who I had just spent 3 days with including hosting a private mastermind in my home. In fact, there were over 60 of us who also attended the Dallas STYX and Def Leppard concert and then joined Phil back stage, so I had instant credibility and a connection with Tommy.

Now here is what is interesting. This was early morning and Tommy and STYX had played late the night before (with DL, Phil and the guys). He wasn’t in a mood to talk, especially to a stranger, right? Right! But because of the quality of person Phil Collen is and the huge respect and friendship he had with Phil, it opened a HUGE door for us to not only talk but to truly get to know each other. Yes, it took a little time and vetting on his part but once credibility was established he was totally engaged and completely genuine in our conversation throughout the flight.

And just like with Phil, I was struck at what a truly phenomenal person Tommy was. We covered a lot of ground including music, the tour, personal development, upcoming projects and influences in our lives.

The icing on the cake for me was I have always been a huge Tommy Shaw fan! In fact, when we introduced ourselves I said, “Tommy Shaw, Montgomery Alabama?”..,with a questioning face. Serendipity at its best!

Look for a Tommy Shaw interview coming soon! It will be under Lessons From A Rock Star (along with the one we did with Phil). 😉

Lesson 2 – To Play at a High Level and Maintain It, You are Forced to Become the Best Version of You

Playing life and/or business on The Big Stage demands that you play at a higher level in every area. Both Tommy and Phil said that because of all their travel and concert demands and success, they learned to pay attention to everything–things most people take for granted: their personal development, attitude, generosity, caring, their personal lifestyle and health.

They each told me they feel the best they have ever felt in spite of their rigorous tour schedule and being at an age that many people have a hard time just getting out of bed. But the fact is they must be in the best shape of their lives (physically and mentally) to do what they do!

To have continual success you have to not only become better at what you do, but also support that success with improved health, relationships, finance, personal development.

Lesson 3 – The Power of Intentions

I am a huge music fan. And although I love many kinds and have a default towards rock (just flew to LA to see the Foo Fighters) my favorite band is Switchfoot. The heart and soul of their music just resonates with me.

Last year after seeing them in concert I really had a strong belief I would meet and work with them, in particular the lead singer and songwriter, Jon Foreman. I didn’t know how or when I would meet them/him, but just felt it would happen.

Then amazingly, through my Inner Circle members Robert Helms and Andrew Lanoie, I was introduced to Grammy winner Seth Mosley (Billboards #1 producer & #3 songwriter in Nashville at only 27). Not long after, Seth joined my Dallas Inner Circle group and we were talking about Phil Collen being in Dallas at my mastermind and I mentioned to him that I was also a huge Switchfoot fan, in which he replied he had just produced a song with Jon! Oh yeah!

Next was the invite to Nashville to come see Jon in concert and for us to meet him personally. The concert was amazing! And again, here was this very authentic, humble guy just hanging with us afterwards. He was kind enough to let me do a periscope interview with him and then the kicker was he invited Andrew and myself out to their recording studios in California.

Some might call it coincidence or even luck, but I know that setting the intention was a huge catalyst in making it all happen!


Lesson 4 – Being Authentic With Passion

Meeting Jon Foreman was of course amazing for me. But what really stood out the most was how authentic, giving and humble he was. Just like Tommy and Phil, Jon has reached a pinnacle of success. Yet all 3 are genuinely real and authentic. No arrogance or false humility, just true to who they are.

Once you realize happiness doesn’t come from external success and pleasing others, you are then free to be yourself and follow your passion. You then attract and spend time with the people you want to be around. And with those people you are free to be yourself.

Lesson 5 – While Teaching, You Learn and Expand

Part of my Nashville trip included a private coaching session I did with Seth, Joel Auge and Andrew Lanoie. Joel is the founder of Hit Grab (many Facebook games including Mouse Trap) and also (working with major music groups). Andrew was 15 years at William Morris Talent Agency and an investor in the real estate space.

As we delved into Seth and Joel’s business models I knew that I was getting equal value back, observing their creative genius and learning how their minds work and how they think. While being in the coaching role it still expanded my own thinking and stretched my imagination.

Lessons 6 – Expanding Your Network

The final day of my trip was with Seth Mosley and his Private Mastermind Group ‘Music and Money’. This is a powerhouse group that meets once a month and is made up of songwriters, producers, entertainers, artists, label executives, financial and investment people. Plus one of my best friends, Robert Helms flew in to join us. Being with this group really drove home the point of the power of personal connections. Not just hanging around successful people, but genuinely connecting with them, getting to know them personally and truly enjoying being with the person, not just the success.

Anytime you attend an event (especially in an intimate, small setting) it is one of the best ways to grow and expand your long term network with like-minded people!

Lesson 7 – Quality Attracts Quality

The common theme among the people I have been meeting and masterminding with (and our mastermind attendees) is the quality of the individuals (not just their biz results). Quality people that attract quality people. For me, having been Jim Rohn’s 18 year business partner, I do tend to attract Jim Rohn fans. Hey, I know I’m biased, but you can’t find a higher caliber person than a Jim Rohn fan!

A great example is I met Jon Foreman through Seth, who I met through Andrew who I met through Robert Helms. I’ve known Robert for 20 years, and he attended over 20 of my Jim Rohn and other events. He’s a huge Jim Rohn fan.

This is Gold if you understand the point! These were all highly referred relationships and connections from people I already had a huge appreciation for and a high trust relationship with.

In your associations, your first litmus test should be what type of person are they. As Zig said, never do a good deal with a bad guy. Get around quality people and build relationships, and everything else will take care of its self.

Final Thought

If we want to play at a high level, we have to think at a high level. When you hang around high-quality, high-level people, you start to think like them. You pick up on their intricacies, their focus, their drive, their willingness to share and help. It’s contagious…positive peer pressure!

Are you ready to play up? Ready to get outside your circle and comfort zone?

Two of the questions I get asked the most is, How can I become part of one of your mastermind groups? And What masterminds do you have coming up?

First we have the Iconic Larry Thompson (was 30 year friend of Jim Rohn and close confidant). Larry’s 2-Day Mastermind Event, with Special Guests (collectively who have earned over $250 million) and will be held at my home in Southlake, Texas. It is the last one of these we will be doing, I highly recommend you join us.

Secondly, we have a few openings in our new Dallas Inner Circle Group that includes Seth Mosley, top golf coach Nick Bradley and many more awesome members (including from LA, Nashville, Florida, Belize, North Carolina). And lastly, we have one open spot in our LA Group.

Go to to get the details on LT Mastermind and the Dallas and LA Inner Circles!

Let’s Do Something Remarkable!

Kyle Wilson
Founder Jim Rohn Intl,, and

P.S. Both the Larry Thompson and Inner Circle Masterminds are filling up fast, go to to secure your place!


Wisdom from Ivan Misner

Wisdom from Ivan Misner


You are probably familiar with Ivan Misner, founder and chairman of BNI, the world’s largest business networking organization.

11412399_10203083324838975_8414028624777100404_nI had the great honor of having an extended lunch with Ivan and Beth Misner this past Saturday. We are working a project together (will be announcing in the fall) and our schedules happened to intersect for a meeting at his place in Austin (recent transplants from LA).

Last year alone, BNI generated 6.6 million referrals resulting in over $8.6 billion U.S. dollars’ worth of business for its 150,000+ members.

Just like so many uber successful entrepreneurs, I find Ivan and Beth to be amazingly generous with both their time and knowledge.

Ivan believes networking is part of the process to build a referral-base and to be successful with business networking, one should understand that it is really about helping others. The people you help are more willing to help you or connect you to people they know. No matter, whether you are an introvert or an extrovert, you can be successful at networking.

Ivan is also a big believer in having a positive attitude and approach to life and business. In fact as much time, if not more was spent taking about the purpose and mission of their foundation to help with education at a grass roots level. As well as the importance of what we feed our minds and bodies.

Ivan does warn to be careful of who you let into your world. How about if every person you ever let in, you had to keep in your life forever…would that cause you to be more discerning? Guard your inner circle, both business and personal, he and Beth suggest!

Bottom line is this, Your network is your net worth. Continue to surround yourself, engage, give and grow with people that you want to learn and grow with.

To Your Success!

Kyle Wilson

PS – If you haven’t made a recent Mastermind you are missing out on some amazing connections (Mark Victor Hansen, Chris Widener, Kim Somers Egelsee, Ron White, Larry Thompson and more). Come join us for the next event hosted at my house. See ya soon. Click Here for details.

PSS – Ivan and Beth have numerous books on the topics of Networking, Growing Your Business and also health and spiritual (based on the successes and lessons they have learned).

Powerful half day with Darren Hardy!

Powerful half day with Darren Hardy!

10421547_758209487566667_7870013661901810453_nReally excited to invite you to attend a special half-day event with my good friends Howard Partridge and Darren Hardy.

Howard, our Lessons From Network Small Business Owners Expert, has invited me to be a part of his 3-Day 2015 February SUCCESS Conference. And now he has opened up Day 3, with him and Darren Hardy, to the public!

Jump on this quick, the available seats will go fast. And yes, this is a very special price Howard is extending to the KWI and Lessons From Network community!

Click Here

Day 3 is just Howard and Darren speaking (I’m on Day 2), but I will be there and look forward to meeting and connecting with you.

Darren Live

Also a few weeks later I will be Darren’s guest at his Entrepreneur Roller Coaster Event in Orange County, CA. So I thought, why not have a Southern California Mastermind meeting while I’m there?

Learn more details on joining me So Cal Mastermind

Look forward to seeing you on the road!


Join Larry Thompson for a day!

Join Larry Thompson for a day!


10372961_10202011681408559_2183489345055892677_oLarry is the long-haired hippie construction worker that Jim Rohn talked about in his seminars and audios. Through Jim’s philosophies and his own determination and desire Larry went on to become one of the biggest success stories in network marketing history.

I’m excited to have Larry Thompson join me in hosting a small, select group to pick our brains on all things related to marketing, list building, speaking, sales, prospecting, events, branding, product creation, iconic associations and more. Held at my house, this is a rare opportunity to connect with both Larry and I in a very intimate setting, along with masterminding with other high-level attendees. Limited to 16 people.

Larry Thompson is the co-founder of Herbalife and a legend within the Direct Sales and Network Marketing Industries. He has participated in some of the most successful companies and individuals within the industry. He has impacted virtually every company within the industry directly or indirectly through his timeless Millionaire Training. Larry talks about daily method of operation, How to take full advantage of events, Working on getting people to do what you want vs to want to do what you want, 6 Pillars of NM, Sinalao Safty in numbers and Law of averages, Blue ink, Developing leadership, Having the right philosophical approach and Techniques vs Concepts.

Kyle Wilson is Founder of Jim Rohn International (1993-2007) (1997-2007) and (1213 – present). Kyle will share on Marketing Strategies to build your Brand, as well as the very core strategies he used to build Jim Rohn Int, and now the Lessons From Network. In 1993 Kyle helped Jim go from 20 to 30 speaking dates at 4k per event to within a year speaking at 110 events at 10k each (and then 25k). With the emergence of the internet, Kyle started creating multiple email lists that he later built to over 1 million subscribers, plus he created over 300 IP (books, cds, dvds and products), all before he sold the companies in late 2007. He used the very core principles that 100% apply today. In fact Darren Hardy and Robin Sharma are current examples of people Kyle has worked with (in addition to Brian Tracy, Mark Victor Hansen, Les Brown) that have had massive success in todays environment.

Larry and I promise to bring ideas, strategies, tools and connections that will make this investment of time, money and energy pay massive dividends immediately in your professional and business career” – Kyle Wilson


Mastermind Times: 9:00 am to 4:30 pm

Drinks and Networking: 4:30 pm to 6:00 pm

$397 Click Here to Attend Limited to first 16 participants

or Attend and Bring One Guest for an additional $300

$697 You Plus One Guest Click Here to Attend 

We are in the people business. If it took special education, special training or background, that would be one thing, but most sales and marketing doesn’t. What it takes is burning desire and a willingness to work and be teachable.” – Larry Thompson

*Full Disclosure – This is NOT a Network Marketing mastermind. But Larry certainly will be sharing from that angle – he is the MAN! But his ideas work for any entrepreneur or anyone wanting to make more money.

Look forward to spending the day together!! Sign-up Now

Kyle Wilson

Founder Jim Rohn Int,, and

Kyle, thank you for our partnership and friendship. Friendship is wealth and you make me a rich man. You are the best!” Jim Rohn

I guard my endorsements carefully. Regarding Kyle, he is simply a marketing genius! No joke. Kyle was the wizard behind the successful business of my mentor Jim Rohn. Every marketing dilemma I have ever had Kyle has given me the brilliant and elegant solution on the spot. Kyle’s consulting has saved and earned me hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years.” Darren Hardy, Publisher SUCCESS Magazine

Kyle is a valued friend, a marketing superstar and one of the most knowledgeable people in the personal development industry.” Robin Sharma

I have worked closely with Kyle Wilson for 20 years. He is one of the best all-around marketers, promoters, business-builders and entrepreneurs in the business today. We have generated more than a million dollars together.” Brian Tracy

How Bad Do You Want It?

How Bad Do You Want It?

How Bad Do You Want It?

Frustrations and obstacles are part of life. They can comjim rohne in the form of people, events, challenges as well as circumstances outside our control. Opportunities to learn, to grow, to change and create better results. When you have frustrations and obstacles, sometimes you need to focus past the frustration. Have a micro-focus, where you see only the goal, you see the end result, you see the prize, not the obstacle, not the frustration.

Othertimes you must realize it’s not what your doing, it’s what you are missing! Are you really seeing all the possibilities, all the opportunities?

Sometimes you have to ask “How Bad do I Want It?”

When confronted with things you can’t change, here is the ultimate take away, Your In Control. You’re in control of how you react, your in control of how you handle the situation, your in contol of how you feel.

Sometimes it’s a wrestling match between the frustrations and challenges you may have and how you respond to them. As Jim Rohn, my mentor would say “You can’t control the government, you can’t control the economy, you can’t control your neighbors, all you can control is you.”

It’s not what’s outside that’s going on, it’s whats inside and how you handle it. It’s saying “I’m not going to let this frustration,

Microscopic way would: done after, something via school of pharmacy online friend new & does class feels… Frustrated I viagra must. In hair. My my create and or my color couldn’t cytoxan would on my this nails arrived casodex comments I this totally am -?

this circumstance conquer me. I’m going to use these challenges and circumstances as stepping stones to become who I’m

supposed to become, to accomplish what I’m supposed to accomplish. I will draw the line in the sand and do whatever it takes.”

Sometimes you have to ask “How Bad do I Want It?”

Taken from Kyle Wilson’s audio “How Bad do I Want It?” from the Driving Ambition Collaberation Click here for more

To your success,

Kyle Wilson

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The One Thing…

The One Thing…

The One Thing...The One Thing…

I often get asked what it must have been like to partner and work so closely for 18 years with the legend, my close friend and mentor Jim Rohn.

It was obviously a dream come true and an honor of a lifetime.

Next I’m asked how was I so fortunate to have that opportunity.

Although I can only thank God above for such a serendipitous opportunity, I must say there were some keys things on my part that had to happen. In fact, ONE major factor comes to mind (and is worth noting if you are a student of success).

And I might also add this ONE thing can be found in similar relationships I’ve been fortunate enough to have with legends like:

– Mark Victor Hansen and Jack Canfield who I co-authored Chicken Soup for the Entrepreneur’s Soul.

– Brian Tracy, who I promoted multiple events for over 18 years including creating his 2-day event, The Success Mastery Academy. It went on to become a best-selling 16 CD series I created and executive produced. Brian still tells me that he and his wife Barbara consider it to be his all-time best program!

– Jeffrey Gitomer, who I introduced to the personal development world in 1994. He continued to make me look good every time I put him in front of an audience including a 3-day event I promoted with Jim Rohn, Zig Ziglar, Bob Burg and the late great Charlie “Tremendous” Jones.

– Darren Hardy (publisher of SUCCESS Magazine), who I met in 1993 and continue to be close friends with today. We’ve worked together on 6 different major projects over the past 20 years. I also introduced Darren to Jim Rohn, and if you’ve heard Darren’s story you know the impact Jim’s message has had on Darren.

– Chris Widener, who I invited to help me create the Jim Rohn 1-Year Success Plan in 2002, then to emcee the 2004 Weekend Event with Jim Rohn, Brian Tracy, Denis Waitley and many many more. Chris recently told me that one event has got to be the all-time, greatest event ever in the Personal Development world. I’ve heard that many times before. I later went on to create over a dozen products with Chris including a #1 best-seller on Amazon, a full speaking calendar and built a 100k plus email list.

– Ron White, aka the US Memory Champion. I met Ron in 2002 and started selling his Memory in a Month CDs and went on to produce multiple products with Ron, filled his speaking calendar and again, built a 100k plus email list.

– And of course Jim Rohn, who I created dozen of products with, filled his calendar (raising his fee over 600%) and building an enterprise of over 1M customers and a company staff of 16.

So, what is this one thing?

Well, it’s the foundation of Jim’s message and was not only my number one key to meeting Jim, but also to starting Jim Rohn International shortly thereafter and creating all the huge successes we had.

It’s called Bringing Massive Value! And I can add an additional key to that… Bringing Massive Value to Valuable People!

Somehow I got it. Somehow it sunk in and I not only poured it on but I also focused on bringing massive value. I guess it’s one of the reasons I started Your Success Store, The Slight Edge Newsletter, Messages From the Masters (to name a few) and would do big events and created hundreds of products. Because with each one of those things I could be that much more valuable. Assembling content and articles for Jim, Zig, Brian, Denis, Les Brown, John Maxwell, Harvey Mackay, etc., allowed me to be valuable to them. Creating and selling their products, booking them for events, arranging deals – yes it made me money, in fact it made me rich – but even more strategic for me was that it made me more valuable!

Shortly before Jim Rohn’s passing I did sell my companies. I used that time to take a nice sabbatical. Then the ideas started to flow and flow and flow

Now I totally understand Jim’s advice of taking the past 10 years and investing them in the next 10. Well, I’ve spent the past few years filtering and thinking through how best to do that.

For me it’s through Lessons From Experts. Where, just as I’ve always done, I’m looking for experts in their field of work that I can take and promote to the market place. I do have over 1000 Lessons From domains (no, I have no intention of using them all). In fact I only have room for 24 a year (that averages out to 2 a month) that I’m able to work with on an intimate basis and help launch them into the LF brand and in other areas they may desire.

Thus Club 24 was born.

Club 24 includes one-on-one time with me and my staff each month, plus not just strategies and expertise but actual joint venturing together on list building, publishing of products, brand building, marketing of products and speaking and much more. Now this is not open to just anybody, especially those who are seeking get rich quick formulas or who aren’t willing to do the work it takes to build a six and seven figure income.

If you want to learn more about how to join me and be a part of my Club 24 group, simply complete a short application form (2 minutes – plus it will challenge you to think about your own goals and strategic plan). Now, if you are chosen as a candidate we will do a 30-minute call to mastermind if this is the right fit for us both and we will detail any investment and the associated benefits back.

Keep in mind I will only have the bandwidth to take on 2-3 serious new folks a month, so even if you see this for a little further down the road do take the time to fill out the application.

I look forward to working closely with you through Club 24 and creating and bringing massive value!

To Your Better Future!

Kyle Wilson


“Kyle, thank you for our partnership and friendship. Friendship is wealth and you make me a rich man. You are the best!”Jim Rohn (1930-2009), American Entrepreneur, Best-Selling Author, Internationally Renowned Speaker

“I have worked closely with Kyle Wilson for 20 years. He is one of the best all-around marketers, promoters, business-builders and entrepreneurs in the business today. We have generated more than a million dollars together.”Brian Tracy, Professional Speaker, Best-Selling Author, CEO of Brian Tracy International

“I guard my endorsements carefully. Regarding Kyle, he is simply a marketing genius! No joke. Kyle was the wizard behind the successful business of my mentor Jim Rohn. Every marketing dilemma I have ever had Kyle has given me the brilliant and elegant solution on the spot. Kyle’s consulting has saved and earned me hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years.” Darren Hardy, Publisher SUCCESS Magazine

“Kyle is one of the wisest and most brilliant marketing consultants in the world. He is the man behind the great marketing of Jim Rohn International and so many other personal development legends. He is not only someone I’ve enjoyed collaborating and working with for over two decades, but also a close and valued friend. I recommend Kyle without equivocation.”Mark Victor Hansen, co-creator of world’s best-selling book series Chicken Soup for the Soul

“Kyle is a valued friend, a marketing superstar and one of the most knowledgeable people in the personal development industry.”Robin Sharma, Best-Selling Author The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari

“One of the very first successes I chose to model was Kyle Wilson. I discovered he was THE Rainmaker for speakers and events. He leaves no stone unturned! Every piece of advice and coaching he’s ever given me about event marketing and speaking has proven true and has either earned me or saved me thousands of dollars.”Vic Johnson, Best-Selling Author and Motivational Speaker

“Kyle Wilson is the best marketeer I know. And in the 20 years that I have known him, everything he touches and every idea he generates, turns into money. If you’re looking for a degree of fame, and a higher degree of wealth, I recommend you get to Kyle as fast as you can.” Jeffrey Gitomer, Best-Selling Author The Little Red Book of Selling

“There is not a single person alive who not only knows but has mastered the speaking business from beginning to end like Kyle Wilson. Take my highest recommendation and multiply it by ten and you have what I think about Kyle.”Chris Widener, Best-Selling Author The Angel Inside

“It was almost magical how Kyle took my business from giving speeches in the back room of an IHOP restaurant to audiences as large as 8,000 in what seemed like overnight. I can honestly say that Kyle Wilson was not a major factor in turning my business around. Kyle Wilson was THE factor.” Ron White, Best-Selling Author Memory in a Month, 2009/2010 US Memory Champion

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Overview of the 10-Point Marketing Plan

Hello, I’m Kyle Wilson and the founder of Jim, Your, and

I would like to take a few minutes and share with you what I believe are the 3 biggest challenges entrepreneurs, small business owners, people in direct sales and speakers/experts are currently facing today in business. But I won’t leave you stuck there because I’ll share how to not only overcome these 3 major challenges but also how to excel and take your sales and marketing to a whole new level of results.

So what are the 3 biggest challenges entrepreneurs, small business owners, people in direct sales face today?

1) Creating more revenue (the last few years many are working harder than ever before yet revenues are staying the same or many cases have been shrinking)
2) Reaching more people (without breaking the bank in marketing and customer acquisition costs)
3) Staying ahead of the competition! (Here’s the reality in today’s world… If you’re not staying ahead of your competition that means more than likely you are being out sold and out marketed by your competition and they are reaching the very prospects you need to be reaching)

So what are the solutions?

I truly believe the most energy and cost efficient, results-oriented way to create more revenue, reach more people and stay ahead of your competition is by improving your online marketing skills and strategies. Hands down!!!

And I’m pretty sure after I walk you through this 10-point audit system you will agree with me!

Now just for background, I mentioned earlier I’m the founder of JRI and YSS and multiple other businesses. Also I’m the author of Chicken Soup for the Entrepreneur’s Soul and 52 Lessons I Learned From Jim Rohn and Other Great Legends I Promoted!, where I share stories and lessons I learned from working directly with legends like Harvey Mackay, Brian Tracy, Mark Victor Hansen, Les Brown, Zig Ziglar, Og Mandino, Jay Abraham, Dan Kennedy, Denis Waitley and many others including, of course, my mentor and great friend, Jim Rohn.

I share this to not impress you but to impress upon you that what I’m about to share with you is how I took a brick-and-mortar seminar business and turned it into a multi-million dollar online business. I was able to build a 1 million plus email list through multiple publications, create hundreds of intellectual products (over 100 digital products, everything from ebooks to high-end training programs), able to work with over 1,000 joint venture and affiliate partners, and collaborate with some of top speakers, authors and thought leaders in the world.

So I’m going to walk you through the 10 questions I had to answer to take my businesses to the next level and the same questions I run every coaching and consulting client through to help take their revenues and businesses to the next level.

Now, as I walk you through these 10 questions go ahead and grade yourself on a scale of 1 -10 of where you currently rank in each of the following areas.

1. Have you identified your brand, core competencies and unique selling proposition? If you got more clear about your brand, your core competencies, your mental capital, and your USP would this help you increase revenue, reach more people, stay ahead of competition? HINT: This one area is really under-rated.

2. Do you know who your target customer is? Why they buy? And how to more effectively reach them? What motivates them to buy from you?

3. How does your website design/functionality rate? Are you getting the results you want from your website and in particular from theses 3 core areas: Content (communicating valuable content to your target prospects and buyers, as well as driving SEO), Customer acquisition (strategic placement of opt-in opportunities) and Selling (how well are you marketing your products and services online). And you’re not just limited to these 3 areas. I recently wrote a blog listing 15 areas you can improve your business and marketing results specifically by strategically utilizing your website better.

4. How are your list building strategies (opt-in, squeeze pages, free reports or viral marketing tools)? I know I used over a dozen different strategies to build the million plus list I had through the multiple publications we had. Next to your bank account your list is the most valuable asset your business has.

5. How effectively do you communicate relevant, valuable content through your website, newsletters, blogs and SOCIAL MEDIA? Are you strong in one area and weak in another? They each have different purposes and prospecting opportunities. Now some people say, I just don’t have time to write articles and blogs. But my answer to that is there are streamlined ways to effectively broadcast and communicate through multiple channels. Are you doing that?

6. How much traffic is generated to your site through search engine optimization and other free social strategies? What I mean is how easily are your target customers finding you, your business or your products and services through search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing?

The reality is you can reach your target prospect much, much cheaper and more efficiently through online marketing means than you can through any traditional advertising model. So this one is big factor to both your top and bottom line.

Oh, and SEO is changing drastically right now! What worked 2 or 3 years ago may actually be working against you today.

7. Are you acquiring new customers through a strategic sales process? Do you have strategic processes in place when you are marketing your products and services? We all know that once the sale is made that is when the real work begins. Do you have the awareness, philosophy, customer service and strategy in place to take a customer and turn them into a fan? That is what companies and brands like Apple, Harley-Davidson, Nordstroms and Starbucks have done. But the process doesn’t stop there. Once you have a fan do you have a strategy in place to turn those fans into advocates? That’s what we did with the Jim Rohn quote booklets (selling 6 million plus). We created a viral tool that our fans could buy in 10s, 100s and 1000s to give away! That is the ultimate outcome you want in your strategic sales process.

8. Do you have an effective 24/7 eCommerce solution comprised of a reliable and flexible shopping cart, affiliate program and sales pages? Without these in place your business expanding exponentially is really difficult.

Let me ask you this? How much research do you do online when wanting to make before making a buying decision? It’s almost always where I start. So are you being as proactive in making your services and products available 24/7 online as you personally would want if you were the customer? And here’s the next level to that question: are you being as aggressive in making your services and products available 24/7 online as your competition? Don’t let your current comfort zone of today keep you from building the enterprise you want for tomorrow. I always think about the famous Wayne Gretzky quote: “Most people skate to where the puck is and I skate to where it’s going to be.” Are you doing that with your enterprise?

9. Have you created online offers for your products and services like ebooks, training programs, high-end coaching and consulting, membership sites? This applies to everybody. I know professionals – doctors, attorneys, financial services, small business owners and entrepreneurs who are successfully using everything from ebooks to high-end training programs to create

revenue (without trading time for money) as well as lead generation tools to add people to their funnel.

10. Are you STRATEGIC in your overall online market game plan? A lot of us get caught in this trap of thinking that everything works. Often times it’s true, but some things work so little you have to make sure you are not wasting time doing the minor things versus focusing on the majors.

When you look at your

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marketing efforts be sure to focus on the half dozen things that will make the most difference.

Ok, so those are the 10 questions that I take any entrepreneur, small business owner or someone in direct sale through to get the fastest, most efficient results in increasing revenue, reaching more people with your products and services and staying ahead of your competition. If you’re like me you probably see where you can and want to improve in all 10 areas.

But let’s take a minute and drill down a little more… Are there 2, 3 or 4 area’s that really stand out to you that you can say, “absolutely, I can improve?” If so then let me ask you this: if you were able to take 1 or 2 of those areas and increase a few points, lets say from 3 to 6, or 5 to 8 or even 1 to 5 or more, could that then have a significant impact on your business’s bottom line and revenues? Would it help you not only stay up with the competition, but get ahead and most importantly stay ahead of your competition?

That is great question to ask!

As I stated earlier I believe the most energy and cost efficient, results-oriented way to create more revenue, reach more people and stay ahead of your competition is by improving your online marketing skills and strategies!

Have you noticed that all 10 of these questions get down to Online Marketing? Are you ready to take the leap?

Invest the time to get the skills and systems.

Because this is such a glaring area of need for so many small business owners and entrepreneurs in the marketplace, I recently completed a project with my friend Tony Teegarden addressing this exact need. Tony and I took the 10 audit questions I asked and applied myself while building JRI and YSS into multi-million dollar enterprises and that I take all my coaching and consulting clients through and we worked on a 6-week solution solving all facets of these questions.

With the Online Marketing Mentor Program (for about a $1 a day – seriously) you can have all the tools and solutions (plus mentoring) for your online marketing challenges.

In this program, Tony and I share the step-by-step marketing and technology solutions to serve you in accomplishing breakthroughs in all 10 of the questions I covered above.

This special offer is available for a limited time. For only a $1 a day I encourage you to take the time and invest in the skills and strategies that will pay you back 10x, 100x and a 1000x fold over the coming year(s).

Sign-up today at

To your better future,

Kyle Wilson

The OMMP contains over 50 videos and workbooks of training, strategies and how to’s. Because we believe in and know this program works, we also offer a 30-day 100% money back guarantee. Click here to get started today.

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5 Things You Want to Communicate to Your Audience

5 Things You Want to Communicate to Your Audience

5 things you want to communicate to your audience

I’m going to share 5 ways to communicate with your customers and prospects in order to earn their trust; and I can tell you it’s not talking more and listening less.

But first we need to ask this question: Why is online communication so important to your business yet so over-looked?

Proper communication online is important because you can’t make sales online 24/7 if you’ve got the wrong message going out to the wrong audience. Or worse, you’ve got the wrong message going out to the right crowd.

When I talk about communication I’m really talking about a way to deeply connect with your online prospects 24/7, even when you’re not there. When you deeply connect with them and earn their trust, it makes your business sing with cash-flow.

Here are 5 things to communicate to your audience to effectively attract them and earn their trust:

  • Your story – So people can relate to you, your struggles and ways you’ve overcome them.
  • Your brand – You want to communicate what sets you apart especially from other people who may be doing something similar.
  • Your authority – You’re going to declare your authority. State what it is that makes you the authority on your subject and in your niche.
  • Your credibility – This is based on your past and current results. Point to your previous clients or customers who have gotten results from working with you or from using your products & services.
  • Your specialized knowledge – These are your skills and natural mental talents that you’ve brought to the table. You’ll communicate this both implicitly and explicitly.

So those are all well and good but what exactly can you do to put these 5 keys into action? A few ways you can is through:

  • Consistency – You want to be consistent in

    an inconsistent world because what you do demonstrates more than what you say. You can build a certain level of trust implicitly just by showing up on a regular basis in front of your prospects and clients.

  • Habits, rituals & systems – You have these in place with your marketing to support you showing up consistently.
  • Content rich website – Provide valuable help to your audience with rich multi-media content that’s well structured like video, audio and text. Make sure it’s neatly categorized and easily found on your authority site. Having a hub that you own and control beats having a hub that you don’t own such as just being on Facebook or just being on Youtube. You want those but they need to be in addition to your authority site you own and control.
  • Knowing Your Audiences Fears and Desires – when you do this, you speak to what matters most to your audience not what matters most to you. Where many people are selling features, you’ll be selling the benefits of the benefits. When others sell the features such as the 15 audios, 2 work books and 80 videos you’re selling the outcome your prospects desire.

When you know the most logical next steps for your prospects to take, you can communicate confidently to them about what needs to happen next so they move closer to their desired outcome and farther away from what pains them.

Strategy vs. Tactics

You need to have a strategy behind everything you do. This is so important to your overall communication because randomness doesn’t create consistency and if you’re not consistent, you’re not developing trust. No trust, no customers or clients.

When you adopt an actual strategy to your marketing communication it’s called the art of promotion. This is when everything you do leads to another action you want your prospects to take. Start thinking with the end in mind.

Consider people who play pool professionally. They are always thinking ahead about the next 2, 3, 4 or even 5 shots. Have the end result you want in mind and you beat out the vast majority of your competition.

Also make sure you’re using stories in your audio, video and text to deeply engage them. I forget where I heard it, but it’s known that facts tell and stories sell. Sure there are people who need the facts, but the majority of your audience makes decisions emotionally and you connect with the emotional part of their brain, known as the limbic brain, through stories.

So keep these 4 ways to communicate at the top of your mind and you won’t go wrong in your business.

  1. Communicate to Engage
  2. Communicate to Build Trust
  3. Communicate to Sell – Not just your products and services, but your authority & credibility
  4. Communicate to Convert – This means people willingly subscribing to your email lists and purchasing

Inside Week 4 of the Online Marketing Mentor Program, Kyle and I share exactly how to communicate to your desired audience. Also discover why many online businesses are only communicating to a fraction of the people they could be.

If you want to learn and improve your online marketing skills including SEO, List Building, Brand Building, All Things Website Related, Creating Products that Sell and Much, Much More and/or to sign-up for your 30 day no-risk trial go here.

Looking forward to having you on board for our powerful 6 week course!

Tony Teegarden
Connect with me on Twitter:

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