Darren Hardy Interview

Darren Hardy InterviewDarren Hardy Interview: My Interview with the Publisher of SUCCESS magazine

I recently had the opportunity to interview long time friend, colleague and publisher of SUCCESS magazine, Darren Hardy! It was such a powerful conversation filled with distinctions and ideas we’ve both gleaned from thousands of hours spent with some of the best marketing and success thought leaders in the world.

Darren shared insights and lessons he learned from personal interviews and conversations with icons such as Steve Jobs, Warren Buffett, Jim Rohn, Maria Shriver and Paul J. Meyer.

We also talked about the number one thing a company must focus on when given the choice between management, margins, marketing or product. Darren shared the secrets of how companies like Apple, Nike, Starbucks and Harley-Davidson create cult like followings and the strategic process of turning customers and into raving fans and then converting those fans into passionate and loyal advocates. Darren and I also “compared notes” from our unique 20+ years of personal experiences with legends Jim Rohn and Paul J. Meyer.

Everyone who has listened says it’s such a powerful interview, definitely worth downloading and listening to.

Go to http://kylewilson.com/kw-darren-Hardy-Interview-1/ and enter your email to access the download page.



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