Sardines for Lunch

Sardines for Lunch

One of my all time favorite stories was shared by Brian Tracy at our Two Day Success Symposium he and I did together several years back.

It’s the story of two construction workers having lunch one day. As they each open up their lunch boxes, Joe totally “flips out” that his lunch is a sardine sandwich, “I hate sardine sandwiches!!” In fact he rants for quite a while about how perplexed and unhappy he is that he is now stuck with a sardine sandwich for his lunch! His displeasure is so apparent that Bob even offers to share his tuna sandwich with Joe, but Joe insists it will be okay; but that he just can’t stand sardine sandwiches.

Well, the next day at lunch as they open their lunch boxes, Joe once again discovers a sardine sandwich in his lunch box. He can’t believe it! Especially since he hates sardine sandwiches!

Now by the third day you guessed it, as they open up their lunch boxes, again there it is — a sardine sandwich! Joe is beside himself! By now Bob has had it and says to Joe, “If you hate sardine sandwiches so much, tell your wife to quit making them and to give you something else” at which time Joe then tells Bob, “Oh, I’m not married, I make my own lunch every day.”

Haha! Uh huh, we all get the point, we all make our own lunch each day.

Brian thanks for the great reminder!

To Your Better Future,

Kyle Wilson

This article was excerpted from Kyle’s 52 Lessons I Learned from Jim Rohn and Other Great Legends I Promoted! To receive a FREE lesson each week from Kyle’s book Click here

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