Time Management and a Sense of Urgency

Time Management and a Sense of UrgencyTime Management and a Sense of Urgency

One of my early mentors (and first mentor in the seminar business) was Jerry Haines. Jerry trained and taught me the critical skills of cold calling, giving a presentation, closing a sale and asking for referrals. But one of my biggest “take aways” from Jerry was watching the way he managed his time and his incredible sense of urgency.

Jerry counted minutes. He was a man on a mission, never one to waste even a minute during his work day. He always had a sense of urgency with everything he did.

I’ve found that being around people with a bias towards action and results can be contagious and Jerry was that way for me.

From Jerry I learned how to continually build my “get it done” muscles and push through procrastination, aka the thief of productivity. I learned to turn

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my To Do list into a Daily Mission so that I could accomplish both my business and personal goals.

And part of Jerry’s secret success sauce? He didn’t work 24/7. But when he worked, he worked! He would put in a powerful 4 1/2 days then wrap it up early Friday afternoon. He was almost always booked to speak at a Saturday morning sales

meeting, but then he was done for the week. Another weekly discipline he utilized was taking Sunday night to plan his week (as Jim Rohn taught us, never start the day or week until it is finished on paper).

I followed suit… My days and week were (and are) always highly productive, but with the goal to have family and personal time at night and over the weekend.

Here is the key, 8-5, 7-6 or whatever time you commit to your work and career… it’s the same amount of time, regardless of whether you pour it on or just limp through the day. The key is doing what you need to get done in that space of time. In fact, the answer is usually never give more time, but rather make the most of the time you give.

Jerry thanks again for your friendship, your mentorship and making a difference in my life.

To Your Better Future,


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